Author Bio

Kelly Quickel

Author and Advocate for Children to know Christ


Scripture Cat Author PhotoKelly Quickel is a wife and mother of two homeschooled daughters, runs an electrical business with her husband and is very active with her local church and community.  With the unexpected rescue and adoption of their special cat, a series of compelling and humorous short stories has been inspired.  Scripture Cat is based on a true story of their family cat, of which consistently and ironically calms down when being read Scripture. This story is written in hopes that young readers will be encouraged to know God more and engage with Him daily.

God revealed to Kelly, after the first book was published and released, a deeper mission for her life. Being a child of an incarcerated parent back in the 1980’s, God laid this book on her heart and mind and has been uncovering the potential opportunities to further God’s kingdom through it.  Two weeks after this book came out, God revealed to her the parallel in the story line related to her own childhood despair and ultimate redemption, along with a message to any child facing parental separation such as foster kids, orphans, children with parents with addictions, mental illness…the list goes on and on.

In “Scripture Cat:  The Word is Where It’s At for this Cat”, Oliver tells of losing his Mama and siblings to Animal Control.   He is then rescued by a loving, Christian family and is directed to a personal relationship with Christ.  Kelly’s prayerful intention for Scripture Cat is that all children reading this will see the message of hope, peace and love in Jesus.

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