The Word Is Where It's At for This Cat


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Scripture Cat is written from the perspective of a family cat (Oliver) who had been rescued from a dumpster by a Christian family. He soon realizes the truth of the Word of the Bible as he sits in the laps of his Mom and Dad as they read their daily morning devotionals. Everyone notices the calming effect the passages have over his wild-self, including Oliver! He begins to understand the power of what is being read aloud and who Jesus is.

Join Oliver on his adventures as he discovers these truths and what it is like for him as he applies them to his daily life that he shares with this family and two odd and distinctly different dogs named Lola and Libby.

This relatable character will win the hearts of children by teaching the biblical principles that we are all meant to know. The stories mirror true challenges that middle year readers face. Inner conflict, acceptance, obedience and disciplines are address in a comical, whimsical and inspirational way.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye” Psalm 32:8

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Kelly Quickel is a wife and mother of two homeschooled daughters, runs an electrical business with her husband and is very active with her local church and community.


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